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Commemorating Angela Thundercliffe’s excellent career achievement at MERKUR Casino UK

Today we spoke with Angela Thundercliffe, who has recently been promoted to an area manager, after just 3 years with the company. She came on board as a venue manager at one of our legacy venues in Hull during September 2018 and was transferred to one of our large popular future venues within her first year.

With a background in hospitality and ambitious for a new career change, Angela found that her experience in pub management meant that she acquired many skills that are transferable to her role today.

For any new starters who have recently joined, Angela recommends: ‘’To work hard and ask lots of questions. The company offers extensive training programmes, so say yes to as many opportunities as you can. Help out within your area and get yourself noticed. There are endless progression opportunities and, from my experience, the MERKUR group are firm advocates for internal progression.’’

When asked about her day-to-day duties, Angela noted that: ‘’My typical day (if there is such a thing), includes visiting venues in my area and making sure that their operations are running smoothly. I am also responsible for making sure that my venues are compliant, assisting the venue managers and ensuring that the venues are running as efficiently and profitably as possible. I mainly see my role as a supportive one, because above all, I am there to support my team, guide, reassure and encourage them.’’

‘’As an area manager, your working day can be extremely varied as it can often change quickly and at the last minute. Whilst this can be challenging at times, I absolutely love it and I am extremely pleased with how my time has been at MERKUR.’’

Speaking about how she progressed to where she is now, Angela mentioned that: ‘’When I was a venue manager, my area manager at the time could see that I wanted to progress. She was someone who really believed in me. From the very beginning, she has supported and encouraged me continuously to this day.’’

‘’Anything is possible with hard work and the right support. I would encourage anyone to never give up and to keep going. The only limitations are the ones that we set for ourselves.’’

Congratulations to Angela on her well-deserved success. It has been a pleasure working with her as a part of our team!