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Cashino gaming centre launches reopening campaign

Gaming company, MERKUR Cashino, has announced plans to re-open their venues across Scotland. Their strategic “Open, clean, safe” reopening campaign mirrors the government’s initial message of “Stay alert, control the virus and save lives” at the start of lockdown and will launch at 9am on Monday 24th August. The Perth venue will open at noon on the same day.

The plan will focus heavily on training team members to implement strict health and safety measures within the venue, as well as communicating advice to customers, visually, through point of sale posters and digitally online. These will be prominently displayed around the venue.

The Cashino Gaming Centre venues will be deep-cleaned ahead of reopening and the layout will be changed to enable social distancing measures to be carried out effectively. Each machine will be cleaned down in between customers and safety guards will be installed for additional protection. Disposable masks will be available for our employees and sanitising stations will be set up at the entrance to the venue.

The senior management team will continue to heed official government advice and will regularly monitor, and adjust the plan, accordingly. Customers will be asked for feedback, at regular intervals, so the venue can take any points raised on-board, if applicable.

With more than 70% of customers* saying that they would be likely to return to the gaming centres, based in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Dundee, Wishaw and East Kilbride, as soon as restrictions are lifted, the campaign’s secondary messaging is aimed at welcoming customers back, whilst reassuring them that they’re in safe hands.

As many staff members have been furloughed, the Cashino Gaming Centres are keen to welcome those affected back to work and ensure their transition into the “new normal” is as streamlined as possible.

Mark Schertle, COO of Praesepe, said: “Surveys were conducted with customers across the region and it was reassuring to discover that so many of them are eager to get back to Cashino. The ‘Open, clean, safe’ campaign will allow us to welcome staff and customers back and, although it will be different to before, we will be making things comfortable and clear so everyone can enjoy their Cashino experience, without concern. Many customers are just looking forward to getting out and about, and being able to access entertainment again.

Mark continued: “Our campaign is focused on enabling people to have fun, whilst protecting everyone who comes through our doors. Retaining customer confidence is key to the success of the campaign so we will continue to listen to advice issued by the government and have ensured our plan is flexible enough to accommodate this. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to Cashino.”